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    65 gal aquarium trouble

    k so a bit of a problem, as follows
    my tank has been up for about 3 and a half months now, i bought fish didnt last long, iv only had success keeping two chromis for this long, out of 7!!! but it was going really well i have a couple zenias that were doing quite well, i was being really good. i notices i needed a bit more flow so i went and got two more power heads. One of them when i put it in was blowing along the sand what i didnt notice was it was actually moving the sand, when the lights went on the next morning, tank was a bit clowdy, and another chromis was gone.
    So i did a water change (that evening) moved the power heads a bit higher, than did another water change the next morning.

    my water has been testing fine, i keep my salt at 1.025 P.H 8.2 0 amm. 0 nitrate. 0 nitrite. *stats before i put the power heads in*

    i'm using rock from a tank that crashed, their is lots of growth on them polyips buttons and stuff like that. the zenias that i have all the hands are gone. looks like a dead tree, still some good flesh the hope it gets better.

    since than today the water looked better, i'm going to keep doing water changes.
    any thought about the sand? why is it that every time the sand gets moved a bit, it almost wipes me tank out?! how do i keep my sand clean if i cant have a bit of current on top of it...

    65 Gallon, reef 50lbs LR, LED Lights 120W (i think), current 1 chromis, 2 Black clown fish, 1 yellow tang, 1 cobberband butterfly, lots of snails 1 emerald crabs, 10 hermits,1 cleaner shrimp.

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    your sand accumulates nitrites. blowing it up causes it to be released fast in the water. my advice is to lower the amount of sand you have ( keep like 1" of it for looks only ) or go barebottom like tons of people out there.

    You have a skimmer ?
    that will help remove some of the polluants etc.
    also.. carbon would help in these cases.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    good point about the sand, how deep is the bed??

    is it virgin sand or did it come from the crashed tank too??

    do you know what crashed the other tank??

    did you do anything to the rock to prepare it for the new tank?? ( leach / cure / etc.... )

    how much LR do you have?

    xenia are a good gauge of water conditions, if yours is not doing well there's something wrong with your water. can you borrow test kits from a friend or take a water sample to the LFS to confirm your results??

    what are you using for a water source?? ( tap / well / rodi / LFS )

    7 fish in a ~3 month old 65g tank is going a bit to fast and could also be a large part of the problem. the tanks biological filter needs more time between fish to catch up and you may be experiencing spikes that are killing fish, which just compounds the problem.

    my suggested course of action would be to....

    try try answer all our questions
    stop adding fish until you find the problem
    verify / confirm your test kits results
    continue with the water changes
    run activated carbon to remove impurities
    post a couple of pics of the system, maybe we'll see something obvious ( rusted metal etc... )

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

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    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

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    i knew it had to do with the sand!! wow, it was one power head that was a bit too low and blowing just a bit on the top of the sand bed, now look whats happend. lol
    i dont have very much sand in there to begin with i'm useing what i had in my 30 gal, it was an inch in there, but now less than that. i dont have a skimmer presently looking to invest, but the funds are not in my account right now haha. iv been running carbon since the beginning. so that helps at least.

    iv been testing my tank every morning it' seems to be fine now, the water cleared up withing a couple days, i moved the power head so it's pointing up into the rock. (if i did want to remove some sand how would i do that?)

    as for the stuff i have used from the tank that crashed it's all the same stuff, i did wash a little bit of the muck that was all over them off.. but no curing, or leaching.
    i have about id say ~50lbs of LR
    the zenia i had in there are starting to grow back some little hands, i'm happy not going to add n e thing else in there for a good little while, maybe more rock tho.
    the water i'm doing changes with, is just tap water. (i know i should be useing something else, :$
    i did add 7 fish in about 3 months time, but it was looking good, (i know now not to judge a book by it's cover haha)

    so this is what i have up till now.
    it was probably just the power head blowing to much on the sand, now thats fixed hopefully i'll be back on track.

    pics to come (when i get home)

    65 Gallon, reef 50lbs LR, LED Lights 120W (i think), current 1 chromis, 2 Black clown fish, 1 yellow tang, 1 cobberband butterfly, lots of snails 1 emerald crabs, 10 hermits,1 cleaner shrimp.

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    I know it is costly but invest in both an RO/DI unit and skimmer. The skimmer is essential for removing organic waste or it will just float around in the tank which is why your fish are dying off. The blast from the powerhead probably lifted the nitrates into the water but, even if you rectify the flow, the waste is just going to accumulate on the sandbed. What type of sand is it, argonite or oolite / sugar sand? If it is argonite, I suggest vacuuming it up on a weekly basis. If it is oolite sand, I would change it out for argonite or go bare bottom. If you go bare bottom then keep some decent flow at the bottom of your tank and when you get a skimmer, it will catch the suspended ditrus.

    Find a used skimmer somewhere as it will make a huge impact on your tank quality. Also, tap water has traces of copper and chlorine which will have an ill effect on your fish. I would invest in an RO/DI unit before I invest in any more livestock.

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