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    Killing Golden Sea Mat

    I have ,what I assume is, golden sea matt. They are pale brown in color. They are starting to casue a problem . They are growing mad and taking over mushrooms and zoos. They are pretty much everywhere and in places that I cant get to. So I couldn't really wipe them out with kalk paste or injecting them with something. I was thinking about either getting a fish that eats them or getting an aggressive coral that would kill them ans simple move the coral around the tank. Thoughts ???

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    problem with that is that i'm not sure we have such a selective fish around.. he'd most likely start munching the other corals in your tank as well.

    a tiger cowrie would eat them.. but may also much other muchrooms/zoos etc. but they would eat it for sure.. may take it a while to start munching.. but when it does.. wow.. you should see the damage.. he he

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