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    Banded Coral Shrimp hidding

    I got a true mated pair Banded Coral Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus) December 22. As soon as they got into the tank they hided behind all rocks, in a dark area. They have been there since. I know they are alive since I had to check on the LR (we had an 6.6 earthquake on Xmas eve) so they were still stable, and moving one rock they moved out, stayed there for about three minutes and back they went into the darkness. One (the female) had just one large pincher, the male had none. I've seen their long antennae showing thru an opening. Water is OK. Is this a normal behavior?

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    Yes I find all shrimp to be a little on the shy side. They tend to be much more active and brave after the lights go out. Grab a flashlight preferably one with a red bulb and look for them about an hour after the lights go out. You might be suprised at how active they are.

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    It is totally normal for Banded shrimp to hide. Usually all you see of them is their long tentacles sticking out of the rocks. They may become more brave over time and when feeding, but Hendu is right they are most active at night.

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    I saw them today showing up. I had one, which was killed when a LR felt over it after an earthquake (we have quite a few here). It was about 2 in, and was allways on top of one of the stones. That is the reason I asked. We'll see how this evolves
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