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    Get rid of mini brittle stars out of my tank. i have them all over the inside of my LR. Dont want so many, I blame the for the disappearance of my royal gramma he was in the tank for a week and a half doing fine then one day in his cave looking spooked and didnt come out for the day. Next morning he was gone. So my question is how to get them out of their caves and mabey give/sell them away.

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    I once noticed an explosion of a lot of these in my tank. But then they died down to an acceptable level and never really came back in an overly large population. Are yours white in appearance? I doubt these could be the cause. Unless there's something I don't know. The gramma may not have been in the best health before you got him.
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    those littles stars can be removed by hand.. some shrimps may love their taste.. I'm thinking harlequin shrimps & sexy shrimps would have with those. but they may starve after if they do not find another source of food.. read up on those. I personnaly picked them off by hand. some of these species are harmful to corals ( they end up stressing them or suffocating them. but all depends on the sp.. some are completely harmless.

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    They are difrfrent colors.. red, black, white, and brown.
    I tried by hand at night they eiter ran back to their cave or an arm would rip off. They seem to be growing bigger by the week.
    Also 2 more questions:
    1) Sand has gone brownish, thinking its algea so i lessened the heat by a degree and lights by an hour hasnt gone away
    2) whits specs on power head and back of the tank? (will try to get a picture)

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