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Thread: Porcerlain crab

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    Porcerlain crab

    i was just wondering, i had purchased a porcelain crab along with a mini carpet anemone.
    when i put them both in, i had the anemone down at the bottom of the aquarium, and the crab took to it right away, now i tried to find him the next day hes GONE/ MIA.
    so now i'm wondering if he is still in there somewhere, or dead, i still havnt seen any remenance of him anywhere, which tells me he is still alive, and i'v been searching all over, still no sign.
    i moved the anemone cuz i though he didnt like the spot he was in maybe.
    (only moved it after i saw there was no more crab)

    just your thoughts.
    65 Gallon, reef 50lbs LR, LED Lights 120W (i think), current 1 chromis, 2 Black clown fish, 1 yellow tang, 1 cobberband butterfly, lots of snails 1 emerald crabs, 10 hermits,1 cleaner shrimp.

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    Porcelains will hide in rocks as well. My 2 have set up shop in the rocks in my tank.

    Most crabs will go through a shed cycle when put into a new tank so this is what your crab may be doing. Although with a Carpet there is a chance he ended up as breakfast.


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