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Thread: Killer Crab

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    Killer Crab

    I got lucky with this guy.. I found one of his old shells by a hole in a piece of liverock... I jabbed a pair of tweezers in there and they went through his soft shell.. I guess he had just molted... Doesn't he look friendly? hehe


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    Yep, that's one nasty looking crab!

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    What is wrong with this crab?
    He doesn't look particularly evil to me...

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    get pinched by a crab once... after that.. they all seem evil

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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    I have two in my sistem, one is about 1 1/2 in. which live in
    my 72 g. reef and the other is at lease 2 in. and live in the
    42 g.sump (2 in. sand , 60 rock, and full of 4 dif. kinds
    of macro alge. I feed the two crabs since they were about
    1/4 of inch. about 2 year ago, and i haven't seen any particular
    damage, since they are very shy.
    But of course, some fishes have die, like few corals, and some
    macro alge, which is the onli thing, I may blame them for.
    I any body know, any particular problem or taste in corals of this litle guys, I woud like to Know. thanks.


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    I just yanked 2 of those out of my 75.
    Phins Up ^^^^^^^

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    We're just 2 lost souls sitting in a fish bowl,
    Year after year......."(Hope it was cycled!)
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    I am going to say unless you NEED to kill something be glad over the bio diversety, if you listen to some people we should kill one of the best detrevours out there, Bristle Worms!!!

    If you have something you are not sure about ask or give it to me (I'll take almost any odd creature but not pistol or mantis shrimp)

    Peter Bomberg

    Reef Nut (600G of tanks and my wife still talks to me)

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    The problem with crabs is that most will eventually become so big that they become destructive to the aqauascaping. even small ones are very strong and can move rocks or cause otherwise stable corals to tumble on other corals There is no question about their ability to scavange, and they make great disturbers for sump sand beds etc. When I find a crab, I do what I can to remove it from the display, but I try not to kill it--I agree with Peter, bio diversity is key. Unfortunately, sometimes there is nowhere to put the little guys once they've been removed.

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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