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    removing glass algae

    Anyone want to suggest a good method for removing green algae from the tank walls ? I tried a magnet cleaner but that didn't do squat... I'm guessing i'll need something along the lines of a razor blade or car ice scrapper...
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    After you get it off the glass... margarita, astrea and turbo snails will help keep it off. Reducing your lighting period will also help if you find it returning the following day.

    I recommend the Proscraper Wide.. this and the Long is what i use on my tanks(make sure to get the steel blade)


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    I hate using razor blades on the front pane of my tank and prefer to clean it with a "safe for use on glass" plastic scrubby pad. The type with the scrubby on one side and a sponge on the other are great for this job. I don't clean any of the other panes... just the front. I do this job once a week weather it needs it or not so it never builds up to the point where a razor blade is needed.

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    I own a pro scraper and like it a lot. I also have one of those floaty magnets- the biggest one, and it works like a dream when used regularly. When I keep on top of it, I only need a razor (with which I have NEVER scratched my glass) on little spots here and there.

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    unfortunately I have scratched my front pane in the past and once done it is like that one bad seam you sometimes get in a wall paper job. You just see it every time you look because you know where it is. On small tanks... no big deal ... but on BIG tanks like your running .. i would not use them or at least use some emery cloth to round off the corners of the blade on where scratching is most likely to occur.

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