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Thread: aragocrete ?

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    aragocrete ?

    whats the latest news on this process. anybody happy with this or i should stay away from making some.

    also, if its great.. where should I go to get the right ciment ?

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    Cement rock works great as a base can use portland typeII avalable at home depot. As for the sand aragonite,or shell hash works out ok.
    If i was to do it again though i would just use base rock its like 2.00 lb and you can use it right away no waiting for curing to take thing about cement rock you can make some nice shapes with it.

    keep in mind if you use aragonite the cost of the rock per pound will get up there

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    This type of home-made rock sees limited success out here, where our water is really hard. People in Van have had better luck with it, but the tanks I've seen locally that use it all looked like algae farms - anything from masses of hair algae that would never fade, to that nasty grey fuzz...

    While they still allow ocean harvesting of LR, I'd say bite the bullet and get the real thing. Your reef will thank you.
    - Alan

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    Saving part of the ocean is one of the passions that as a reef aquarist we all want to accomplish, at least I do.

    That being said price/pound and resale value, its difficult to make my our rock.

    That being said, when I have spoken to LeRoy at he absolutely swears by it.



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