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    Clownfish Host Anemones

    I came accross this PDF on the web, and IMHO it is excellent:

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    Great Site. I have both a H. malu (sebae) anenome and a E. quadricolour (green Bubble Tip). My Clarkiis loved the sebae anenome, while my oscellaris love the BTA - go figure!!
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    Carlos does a great job as mod of the Clownfish & Anemones forum on RC (that LOOKS like the same Carlos)... They are working to put together some solid information for the hobbiest, as there are many who seem to have no idea where to look.

    BTW - My Pink Skunks have never been "happier" than in a beautiful LTA:
    - Alan

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    Originally posted by AJ_77
    Carlos does a great job as mod of the Clownfish & Anemones forum on RC (that LOOKS like the same Carlos)...
    One and the same But it really was Greg (BonsaiNut) who started putting the document together. It's a really good read. The clownfish forum is a great place to waste time reading.

    Nice macro shot, BTW, but you already knew that I liked it.


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    Great article - thanks. I have a wandering LTA that I suspect is looking for a more favourable current. Twice I have placed it in my preferred location (up front in a 72g bow) and twice it has moved to the same location - near a power head. Problem is that the location is back corner almost out of sight.... I am now trying to figure out how to relandscape or redirect my power heads to get enough current to the spot I would like him to move into....

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    yeh they sometimes just up and wonder! Ihave a long tentacle that has had battles with my red brain and bubble coral. I have a pair of percs in there. anenome is lime green and tan. no pics as I need a real camera!

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