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    For those who keep clams...

    Do you stay away from Blue Legged crabs or similar crabs?

    Groceries or more reef supplies?
    What an easy decision...

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    I've never noticed blue-legged hermits bother any of my clams...

    My next hobby will be flooding my basement while repeatedly banging my head against a brick wall and tearing up $100 bills. Whee!

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    I have never had issues, And i keep BlueLegged hermits.. and i also keep my Clam in the sand bed.

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    I too have never had an issue, I have really large squamosa in the sand bed and never had a problem. But on the other hand I know percula99 has lost a couple of clams and is constantly having problems with large hermits and clams. Formyself I am ripping all hermits out of my tank since I will be getting more clams in the near future.

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    No probs here either

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    Ditto, I have seen the crabs on the shell from time to time, but never bothering my two clams.

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    I have had two squamosas die on me, (while my crocea and derasa are doing fine). I attribute the first to predatory incursion by a nocturnal crab. The clam was literally torn open and survived. It was recovering, and a week or so later, it was torn open again and died soon thereafter. The second, I had on the sandbed, and had been putting a rock under it so it would attach itself. It kept getting knocked over, and I have two very large hermits that were all over it. It died as well, and I think the crabs must have dug into the clam at the foot and damaged it enough to kill it. Like I said, these hermits were big. They were in large turbo snail shells. They are now in my sump, waiting my next trip to the LFS for disposal. I have decided to rid my tank of large hermits. The really small ones I don't mind, but when the start killing off snails to upgrade their homes, it's adios muchachos.

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