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Thread: Aquascaping

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    Does anyone get tired of looking at the same aquascape in our aquariums?
    Thought I would help my cleaning crew a bit as I dont have much of one yet by scraping off some hair algae off my LR.
    Will this have a negative affect on any of the inhabitants?:biggrinbo

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    I have brushed with a stiff brush hair algae before with no affects...just so 1/4 each day as to not stress anyone out.

    yes I get tired of my aquascaping once in a while. I change mine every two years or so...or just move things once in a while.
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    Thanks Mouse,I didnt think it would be a negative thing..glad to hear I'm not the only one who moves thier LR around.

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    i move mine around too...

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    I Set mine up as best as I can to be as natural looking as it can be ... then I keep my arm outa there unless adding new rock to the pile. you can alway freshen up and change the look by adding a few smaller sized pieces from time to time.

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    i am still in the first year, so i move things around from time to time till i finally have everything "settled" in.
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