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    Cherubs taking the courting one step further

    well last night, after not being home for the weekend, i watched my two cherubs go through the usual courting, blanching and racing around the tank. well, last night they took it to the next level by raising into the water column and what appeared to be discharging eggs. now you can't see the eggs, but from what i read, that's what they were doing.
    i must say that having a pair of mating animals in my tank makes this hobby very rewarding.

    Patience is a virtue.

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    I guess it was just a matter of time. After all they've been flirting since the indroduction of Dale is it?

    What are survival rates? I wouldn't imagine very high.
    Good to hear either way.

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    I'd say throw on some Barry White this evening... really set the mood for those little fishies.

    Groceries or more reef supplies?
    What an easy decision...

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    Wow! That's really something. Barry, I can't believe how lucky you guys got with those angels. Keep us posted, this is really interesting.

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    Way to go Barry. If all goes well you may be able to raise some of the offspring. My book ( My tank bible) states that they have been successfully raised in captivity... :-)

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