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    Question Help!! Seachem Iodine test calibration

    Hey everyone,
    I just got a Seachem Iodine/Iodide test kit and can't seem to calibrate it. I've tried a few times and even tried different ways that I thought the test kit meant in it's instructions. I am confused . This thing is getting the better of me, I tried to talking to the LFS I bought it from and he said they are new and don't go bad. I read on Seachem site that there was a problem with one of the reagents and I could ask them for a new one.

    I am not sure if I am calibrating it properly.
    I am using the Iodine refenece solution in liue of the distilled water/ 2a, 2b solution mix for calibrating. Is this right? I read it as, use the reference solution instead of the water for steps 3 and 4 in the instructions. I have sent an email to Seachem tonight, but thought I would try all of you also for a faster answer maybe.


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    All I can say is GOOD LUCK, sorry. I tried that test kit for a while and got absolutely nowhere. I hope you do better that I did. I really don't think there exists a reliable hobby grade iodine test kit, it's tough to test for.... I'd like to be wrong...

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    That's good to know so I will not find myself owning one if they are hard to use and / or not reliable

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    Well Seachem has emailed me back and said that they are sending me new reagents and new updated user friendly instructions they have. The reagents are bad.

    Thanks I will try to keep you updated how the new stuff works when it shows up.

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