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    Display Tank's sandbed depth DSB

    ever notice that outside north america many of the captive reefs shown in pictures do not have a deep sand bed? I'm thinking of japanese and german reef systems. As i make plans to redo my current setup i'm seriously thinking of avoiding a DSB. I may still go with some sugar fine sand but leaning against anything more then a few inches. If i do go without a dsb in the main display then i will try and setup a large fuge with a dsb to try and reap the benifits of having one. I guess one of the things i will miss not having a dsb in the main tank is the absence of inverts that require the sugar find sand, such as cukes etc. If I do go with at least a few inches of sugar sized sand in the display, my wrase will still have a place to flop into at night Anyone out there using the more coarse "reef sand" in their tanks? Is that stuff fine enough for cukes and sand sifters to pass? Any thoughts from you guys on the dsb vs non-dsb in the main display??

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    I will not be used a DSB. I have decided to use a plenum and it will be in its own 20 gallon chamber of my filter along with some rock. I do love the look of the sugar fine grained sand in the display tank so I will also use a few inches of it there for the look.

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    I'm going with 2" of southdown in the 90 gal display and 5" of southdown in the 55 gal fuge. I am going to put the fuge above the display so it can drain critters into the main tank. I might even try setting up a plankton reactor to feed the fuge.


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    I'm thinking of mixing the sandbed mix at 50% oolithic sugar fine and 50% of the next size up which i think is called reefsand mix. The stuff you typically would see in a big al's tank where they keep the snails, shrimp, starfish etc. So, seeing that this sand in the main display with be 50% for looks and 50% for any inverts such as cukes, sleeping quarters for my yellow wrase etc, i'm not even sure if I will go with a full 2 inches. Some areas will have slightly less. I think one of the key factors with doing this is a superior quality skimmer is needed as well as a somewhat large sized fuge with a 5-6" dsb to make up or help out with denitrification. I prefer to try and accomplish this in a remote location (fuge) then in the main display. Looking ahead to the future or long term i much rather swap out a possible toxic sandbed from my fuge then from the main display

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