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    Crystal Sea Mix?

    Ok I just finished reading the thread AmaJus on this salt.
    I too am using this product..bought 150g mix when I first started up my tank nearly 7 months ago and have been using it since for my water changes.I havnt had any issues until aprox a month ago when I went from a single 30watt NO to a pair of 95watt VHO bulbs.I had an outbreak of cyano soon after but noticed phosphates present in the water..hence I bought a phosphate sponge..Im battling some green hair algae now but I have switched from tap water to buying Culligan bottled water for my top offs and water changes.Its a fish only tank with an array of inverts and a SINGLE all be it large blue mushroom that I've also had for aprox 1 month.I have been considering adding some softies seeing that the shroom seems to be doing great with no discolouring...would that be a mistake if I just keep on using Crystal Sea Mix ???

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    The tap water combined with the increased lighting likely triggered this change in your tanks algae growth. Also if the Culligan bottled water is "spring water" you don't want to be using that ether. If you don't have tap water filer then your should be using Distilled water for top ups and mixing for water changes. I think you would find that a tap water filter system (like Ivan sells at GREAT prices) will pay for its self... not to mention the piece of mind having it will give you.

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    i agree with the above. it may not be due to the salt mix. i would suggest testing a batch of freshly mixed water anyway (for phosphates if thats your concern). When i had a problem with phosphates, i tested my salt mix (Tropic Marin) and found that it wanst really "Phosphate Free" as they claim but rather that the "Phosphate ARE Free." I will be switching to another salt as soon as i finish this bucket.
    (now the quest is to find a good salt - perhaps "SeaChem's Reef Salt"?)
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    Boy I feel like I stirred up some trouble here!! hehehe. Sorry guys! It amazes me how different salts claim different things and when it comes down to actually testing it, you will find traces of everything they claim isn't in there! Go figure! I guess it all a matter of opinion. I wonder what everyone is using? There are so many different kins to choose from and everyone seems to have different opinions on them!

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