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    New Gold Strip Maroon! ( Video )

    So i added this baby to my tank.. He is taking a little bit of a beating from my Sail Fin Tang.. im hoping he will learn soon to just stay away.. we will have to wait and see!!!

    Maroon Video!!!

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    Moving around pretty well, not cowering in the corner...right on...

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    Toooloud ... do you think the sail fin is after him because he is sorta striped in his color pattern? Or is he just an aggressive fellow? Hope the sail fin lays off soon.

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    Im thinking its just becouse the sailfin has been in the tank for soo long by himself.. Just not taking to the new company..

    He is not backing down.. he is taking alittle beatting..But he is still holding his ground !

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    I like the gold stripe maroon clowns, not so easy to get hold of.
    Good that he's moving around alot, or is that running away????
    Maroons can be fairly agro when settled in so I think he'll hold some ground then.
    Do you have an anemone? Just thought if you did that would afford some protection.
    Hope the Sail fin backs of too. How long have you had the Maroon?
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    I would keep an eye on that sailfin. Looks like your clown has had his fill of tail nipping!

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    When i put my Copperband in, my Desjardini went absolutely berserk. From the moment he laid eyes on him, he chased that poor Copperband around and ripped off his tail and part of his back fins right up to the black dot. The next day, he never even paid attention to it, and the Copperband recovered nicely after that. Unfortunately, it seems to be an initiation price that many fish have to pay, especially when well established fish reside in the tank. Nobody likes it, especially the new fish, and I wish there was a way around it. I hope for your maroon's sake the beating stops soon.

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