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    Slime Algae Help

    Over the last month my tank (5 months old) has gone from being full of green hair algae to a browish slime algae... I'm pretty sure I have enough flow, anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of this stuff ? Do snails help with this stuff at all ?
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    snails, snails and more snails !
    crabs will help too... but be carefull they could eat other stuff.

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    my tank is 6mts old and im going through the same thing. i finding that the blue hermits are doing well...but the snails are staying on the glass. so really the only thing getting rid of the algae for me are the crabs, and they are not even taking care of it fast enough.

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    This is pretty common for a tank the age of yours. I'd just ride it out.

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    Staight tap water would be the cause if R\O water is not being used, insufficient lighting , overfeeding polluting the water possibly

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    Hello - I'm new here, but I thought I might be able to add something to your question about slime algae. When I hear "Brownish slime algae", I automatically think of dinoflagellates. I experienced a bloom of this type of algae when my tank was about two or three months old. From your description, you could have dinoflagellates, or simply diatoms. Diatoms go away pretty much on their own, but dinoflagellates can be a bit trickier to get rid of. Dinoflagellates commonly have air bubbles trapped in them. My experience with them was likely because of excess nutrients in the water. I tried a series of large water changes (RO water, of course), siphoning them off the sand bed, Red Slime remover (which had no effect on them whatsoever) and I upgraded my skimmer from a Berlin Classic to a Euro-Reef ES6-2. They would go away for a bit, but always would come back. As a last resort, I eventually tried the "blackout method", which I read about on Reef Central. I turned off the lights and left the tank (with the exception of the refugium) in the dark, covered by a blanket, for 48 hours, except for brief periods to feed the fish. I was very worried about my corals in this period, but it seemed to have no effect on them. After the 48 hours, they were mostly gone, but then started to come back, and then a couple of days later, vanished entirely. Coincidentally, the macro in the refugium really took off during this period. I have no idea if this was merely coincidence, as the dino’s did start to come back, or if something I did actually helped. I hypothesize that the macro algae in the refugium had no competition for the nutrients during the blackout time, and thus were able to use them up. I seem to get slight outbreaks of them if I over-prune my macro algae. Here’s a link to the thread discussing them on Reef Central...

    I in no way am recommending you try the blackout method except possibly as a last resort, but hopefully my experience will help you out!


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    cool.....thanks for the idea Mike01

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