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Thread: can he survive?

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    can he survive?

    Hi everyone! Haven't been on the board lately, as I've been travelling a bit lately (actually getting out of the cold!) Our daughter looks after the tanks while we're gone and said that at feeding time in the aggressive tank the lunar wrasse was trying to grab a piece of shrimp that the dragon wrasse (Hank)had and the dragon ended up loosing his one eye. This is like 5 days ago and hank is still hiding most all the time. He hasn't ate anything since and seems kinda lethargic. I see that his eyeball is totally missing but there is no other wound and no sign of infection. I feel really bad for him. Not sure how long to leave him? or if it's fair to him? I would think he should be able to get around fine with one eye?
    thanks guys

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    Unhappy LYNNE

    holy cow is all I can say! I have seen many fish[tank and wild] survive this wound but only time will tell. You can only wait.

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    Poor Hank. I would say that he'll be ok as long as it doesn't get infected. Got a UV you could put on his tank for a while?

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    That's unfortunate. Being without the eye will affect his ability to find food, move quickly around the tank and NOT be bumping into things. If he can overcome these issues he will be OK. Visually for him it can't be any worse then when a fish gets a really cloudy eye from infection or ICK. As Flame says watch out for infection to the open socket and hope for the best. If however you see that he is not eating at all and dieing a long slow death .. well then you know what should be done.

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