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    Interamerican tanks?

    Haven't been here for a while. I guess working a full-time job and trying to start up a business does take its toll.

    Anyway, if anyone remembers, I am moving to my new house in spring this year, and I want to have a new tank ready to move my fish to. As opposed to a 180g I originally planned, due to limited funds, I am only upgrading to a 90g-120g, which will be 4' long instead of 6' long. I guess I save a lot in start up costs with regards to lighting and filtration.

    I have also decided to use a glass tank instead of acrylic. I found out Interamerican does custom glass tanks. Their reputation on RC is mixed, some had excellent service and quality but others claim that delivery was delayed more than a month and the owners fail to tell them every time there was going to be a delay.

    Anyone here has experience with IA? I guess IJO used to carry IA tanks? How was the quality? Shipping delays may be due to US and location, as IA is Canadian. Hopefully if I go with them, shipping maybe more hassle free?

    IA's prices are hard to beat, even when compared to local glass shops. I have posted before, that Centennial Glass on Industrial Ave does custom tanks, but they don't have a guarantee on their work whatsoever, which doesn't inspire any confidence to me.

    Comments are welcome.
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    Talk to IJO as I believe he has another tank builder possible on board from TO. heard great things about him.

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    Yup! ..

    AquariumObssesed is working very well for us down here in TO.. as well as North American Fish breeders..

    Interamerica.. is still among the best!.. but very unreliable on when you will get it! .. lol

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