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    Need Help With a Clownfish

    Hi everyone, We have an occellaris clownfish which we bought two days ago and he has a uneven bump on his white band directly behind his eye.It doesn't look like fungus and its far too large for ich, its probably the size of a pen tip and sticks out 1-2 millimeters, he seems to be really healthy, eats 2-3 times a day. He is in with another clown and 2 small anthias and the water is very good, no ammonia or nitrite,if anyone has any ideas we would really appreciate it.He doesn't seem bothered by it, however it is a little worrying.

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    My first thought upon reading this was the parasite known as a Cirolanid Isopod.

    More information available here:'s_galle...anid%20Isopods
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    Hey Tang Man thanks for the info, I just read the article and it seems like isopods attach on the outside of the fish. The bump on the clown fish appears to be underneath his skin.Its almost like a cyst or a tumor would be on people.

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