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    Female False Percula Harassing Male

    I've had two False Percula's for approx 6 months. They were purchased as Juvenilles Tank raised. I introduced them into my 55 gal FOWLR. Generally speaking they get along. One is slightly larger than the other and likes to intimidate the smaller guy. This is especially true at feeding time. She will shake a lot in his direction and sometimes run at him without ever doing any real harm. Everything I've read indicates this is normal behaviour. Recently I had an outbreak of ICK so I quarantined them along with my Neon Goby and Six Line Wrasse. They are in a 15 gal QT tank. I used Organi Cure in attempt to rid the ICK. My plan is to keep the fish in the QT tank for 6 weeks so I know I've rid the display tank of the parasite.

    My problem/question - upon carefully looking at the smaller Percula, I noticed his tail fin is almost completely gone. The female's harassing nature seems to have moved to another level and I 'm concerned she might take this too far. The male seems fine otherwise - he is swimming and eating as normal. I don't see the female actually nipping his tail but can only assume its her. I've never seen the Goby bother the Percula's and the 6 line Wrasse is brand new. It is very small and quite skittish as it gets used to its new surroundings.

    The LFS in my area told me not to worry about it - typical Clown behaviour and they were almost certain its the female. They think the female has matured(noticed she's a darker color) and is just staking out her dominance. That plus the combo of the smaller QT may have contributed to her nastiness. Finally, the LFS says not to add any medication as the Male should be fine and regenerate the tail fin on its own. Does this sound like the right advice? Should I do anything for the male? Appreciate any feedback - sorry for the long message!

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    Without seeing how they interact together I would say she is likely just letting the male know who is really the boss. As long as there is no secondary infections I would not worry about it too much. They will sort it out between themselves as they have been doing for longer then we were here and then all will be OK. Mating will be likely be the next issue between them. Depending on age she MAY also be ready already and him not mature enough yet.

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