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Thread: VHO Corals

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    VHO Corals

    I'm looking at ordering a bunch of corals sometime soon and was wondering if anyone has any reccomendations on good corals for VHO lighting... so far I've been looking at the following

    monti digita
    monti plate

    what are the requirements for brain corals ? I've seen some really cool pics of nice colored brains but assume they probably need MH...
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    Brains are very tolerant of all lighting and really only need vho- they'll do fine. The monti digitatas will also do fine under vho, but really only get their intense colouring under mh. The others are good choices for vho.

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    Frogspawns would do very well under VHO as well. I agree with reefmutt that brains, especially the fleshy open brains that have the really nice colours, would do well. Some of them actually don't like mh, I had one that I had to give away because it didn't like my strong mh light. It did great in Gail's VHO tank.

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    true. I have a digitata under marineGlo's and it's more brown than flaming red.... I would hold off the SPS's since they won't grow fast under those lights and the colors won't be too bright. If you really want some, instead of spending a fortune, just ask Ivan for a small frag.... usually very reasonnable.
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