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    SPS, Color and growth which HM bulb

    I know there is another thread about this, but that thread was started about certain type of bulb that IJO got in. In that thread however there now seems to be talking about kalvin rating and which is good for color. Now what I want is both growth and color. Out of all the people on this board I was wondering concerning mainly sps's. What bulbs are you using and are what experiences are you have with the colors coming out and what growth rate are you have on your sps's.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    I also wanted to add. For an interesting read on this check out the USA Marine Fish and Reef 2004 Annual.

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    For my SPS corals, I am running a 10K 400 Watt MH with 3 VHO atinics. I ran the same set up for 2 years with a 6500K MH and have noticed better growth with the 10K bulb. Others have found the 6500K better. I have made other changes such as calcium additives etc so to say the bulbs are responsible is up in the air. I'm happy with the 10K 400 Watt with the 3 VHO atinics. My SPS are all doing great, and fragging will surely be around the corner. Just my experience. I would go back to the 6500K but the I got a real deal on the 10K. I'd use both with confidence.

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    This is a topic that people will hold very personally. It all depends on what you like and what pleases your eyes. I might find a certain bulb on my tank the best for me, yet other people will look at it and find it too blue, or white, etc....
    I personally am running 400w 20000k Radiums supplemented by URI 110w blue actinics. Some people might find this too blue for their liking, but my corals have really colored up nicely under them. before this, I was using 250w 6500k Iwasakis and while the corals grew a lot, they mainly stayed in the browns & greens which is normal for this bulb. What is important to remember if you're shooting for those wild colors is that you need very good PAR value from a bulb and a lot of UV will get those pigments in overdrive.

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