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    Your choice for cleanup crews?

    If you had to choose to only have ONE kind of clean up crew, which would it be, for hair algae. Hermits or snails? And which kinds.

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    I have astrea snails, and they did a great job...keep the glass clean and they will stay on the rock. Also moved them around once in a while to the worst areas on the clean that section. My blue leg hermits never touched the algae. Added a yellow tang 3 weeks ago and he finished off the remaining hair algae

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    I have a lawnmower blenny for hair algae
    I do Acrylic work

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    Definitely snails over hermits.

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    I'll say Astrea snails as well - they are great. If only they cleaned sand, then they'd be the perfect (and ten dollars each)!

    - Alan

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