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    ID needed - half starfish

    I found many 1/2 starfish like creatures in my tank. These are approximate 1.5 cm to 2 cm in size with 3 arms (some of them have 2 arms). Color - white at the bottom and yellowish at the top. What are these? are they good for the tank?

    Also, I found an extra tiger tail cucumber during a major cleaning process. I bough one but I do not know from where the other one came from. Do they multiply?

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    I I have them all ove my tank. On any given day I can count at least 30. I have had them for over 2 yrs with no problems

    Yes the cucumber do multiply. I now have two from one and my friend just discovered he has 4 but only bought one

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    Thanks Powerblue. I did throw some of them becuase I did not know what these are !!

    I can't believe, I have two large tiger tail now. It's a good investment !!

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    Yup, these are called Asterina stars if I'm not mistaken.
    They reproduce by fission, which is why you see 3 legs or more.
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    As a rule, these stars are good and help with the overall maintenance of the tank. However, there are a number of species that resemble or look the same and some are actually coral eaters. Now..., before you jump and panic, it is quite rare to have these bad types. What most people do is simply keep an eye on them. If you see they tend to congregate on the base of corals and then you notice tissue missing where you've seen them, then you could assume you have one of the uglies. However, if they simply hangout on the glass and rockwork with no apparant damage, leave them. I too have many of these and have never found any problems with them.

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