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    What's the best way to catch a brittle star?

    A few weeks ago Phoebe, my beloved midas blenny, disappeared. I couldn't figure out what happened to her and just ended up calling it tank mystery number 316.73.

    A few days ago I brought home a really nice little Lyretail Fang Blenny who was doing really well. Yesterday he disappeared. We're past coincidence now.

    Today Prickles, my brittle star who has been in the tank from the beginning, was out in the open - something he never does. Only I notice he's way bigger than he should be or was the last time I saw him. I know he helped "clean up" after the wipeout from the hurrican last fall and suspect he got a taste for fish.

    This guy is at least 18" from tip to tip and it's time for him to go. But how? I can't use any kind of trap that a large pink anthias can get into, that's for sure. He's fast and wiley so I'll never just be able to bait and catch him. I didn't even come close when he was out today.

    Any ideas?

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    In the past, I had to catch one also and what I did was at night time when the lights were out, I held a piece of food in my tongs near to where the star was and let him smell it. Sure enough, it started to want the food and moved in to nab it. When it was close, I simply would move it a bit away into the open and ended up coaxing it right up onto the glass where I was easily able to slip a net under it and snag it. I did this in the dark but with enough light from another room to see what I was doing. While I had to be patient because the star was not that eager to come out into the complete open, it worked like a charm none the less.

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    definately lure him out and grab him while he's not hanging on to any rock... It may also be easier after the lights go out too...

    I had the same problem Susan... I ended up trading him in for one of his previous night's dinner.
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    Well I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem anyway. I dunno, my starfish doesn't seem like he would go for this but I'll give it a try. Thanks guys.

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