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Thread: Tap Water

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    Tap Water

    How could I find out whether the city tap water is suitable for my tank ? Anybody in Atlantic Canada using tap water without any problems ?
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    buy an RO/DI if possible. There really cheap in price here! While some tap waters have little phosphate they have numerous other chemicals and minerals in there. The purer the better as with lots of the foods and additives we add there can become a build up so RO/DI is the way to go.

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    You really don't want to take your chances with tap water, as even though the water might be low in phosphates and other nutrients, the pipes that deliver your tap water may be copper, and eventually you'll have a toxic build-up in your tank which will kill all invertebrates. This also applies to store bought distilled water. You never know what equipment they use to produce the distilled water and whether the water came into contact with any copper pipes after it has been distilled.

    Getting a RO/DI unit is a cheaper solution in the long run.
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    When you use tap water you never know unless you test it for everything. The purity can vary a lot in one year. For example, often in winter th phosphate level in the tap water will be higher than in the summer. You can't try to keep invertebrates without having a stable source of water.

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    Cool gosuv

    I agree with the RO/DI but just some info about the copper pipes. Copper doesn't react with freshwater like it does with salt so actually thats not really a problem. I've used tap water for some time and did have probs with algea/cyno but kept many inverts with no mortalitys. There has been some talk/studys on this and actually lots of reefers do use tap/well water but I do prefer the RO/DI route.

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    What is the AP tap water filter like?

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