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    DIY doser trouble

    Ok folks I need some help.I was thinking of using some sort of water jug and drilling a hole with an airline to drip kalk into my tank.How would I seal the hole from leaking all over the floor? or does anyone know where to buy a cheap one..the Kent ones are way too much $$$ for a plastic jug .

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    get a 5 gallon plastic container of distilled water. mix up what you want it that and might as well use the distilled water that came in the container for that first mix. Punch a hole in the cap, use your air line hose and start a siphon. Use a medical line pinch to control the drip rate. That should do it for you.

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    Go to home depot, or rona. In the electrical department are some small black washers, that they use to run electrical wire through. I put one in a 10gal rubbermaid bin, and it never leaked. There are like 6 in a package, for under$4. I don't remember the name of them but look around, and you should see them. Then you can either hook it up to a airline valve or in my case I have a IV unit, and away you go. Any questions email me

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    I've used a clear gallon jug (had apple juice in it) and a clear 2 liter pop bottle. I just hand drill the hole on near the bottom slightly smaller than the outside of the air line. Then I cut the air line on a diagonal and twist it into the hole. If I had been too rough during the drilling and the hole cracked instead of being round, it leaked. If I was careful and ended up with a round hole, the air line sealed the hole and I had no leaks.

    I've used vice grips or knots in the air line to control the flow.

    I was able to get some IV tubing with valves. The valves fit my air lines. I now use this method to drip kalk as the valves are easy to set for a few drips a minute.


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