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    Changing from CC to Sand

    Ok my tank is 7 months old now and I have to a place where I'm quite satisfied. One execption. Its time to get rid of the CC substrate. I've been doing a lot of reading and still haven't decided if I'm going with a DSB or not. If I go DSB - I'd probably go with a 4 inch depth. But I'm wondering how deep to go if I don't do a DSB. Does 1 inch sound right or is that too deep? Also my tank is 55 gallon - how much sand (Lbs) is required per inch? Thanks for your help guys.

    P.S. I just got done shoveling my 75 foot driveway of the approx 100 cm of snow we got over the past 36 hours - I'm exhausted!!!

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    If you're going to go with a shallow bed, then 1" is the max. Try to stay between 1/2" and 1". If you go DSB, then min is 4" and max should be about 5" Anything deeper than that is just wasted sand and money.

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    Here is a sand bed calculator for you:

    Good luck,


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    I'd like to hear the pro's and con's of a shallow(1/2 inch) vs deep (4-5 inches) sand bed from people.

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