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    good vs bad...worms!

    I need HELP with identification of different kinds of worms the flat ones and the bristles which one are good or tolerated and the ones that are not. b/c I have a variety of all kinds. would it be possible to refer me to sites with photos and descriptions.

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    This link should help you out quite a bit.
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    Just to put you at ease, it's rather rare to get a "bad" bristlewormy. The most common "bad" type ( and remember I said it's rare) are all a solid deep fire red color.

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    Does this "solid deep fire red color" have white bristles on it?

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    toutouche, if you can check the site that barry_c posted from
    reef central
    the one I saw in my tank looked like this one, the hermodice, it was eating a dead snail and when I put the light up close to see it, it pulled back taking the whole shell of the snail right into the hole in the rock.

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