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    Refractometer or a PinPoint

    What would you recommend... a Refractometer or a PinPoint Salinity Monitor.  I'm leaning towards Pinpoint for its ease of use.  I'm also trying to figure out why the Refractometer is on the expensive side(accuracy maybe?) Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Refractometer or a PinPoint

     Any salinity, ph or orp probes are only as good as your calibration regimen. It can be a pain in the caudal fin. A refractometer doesn't have the probes/electronics to drift around hence it is probably a lot more reliable.
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    Re: Refractometer or a PinPoint

    And they are calibrated only with distilled water, which is easily available and cheap cheap. They are more precise as well.

    That being said, a monitor is easy & quick to use.

    Buy both, PinPoint for continuous monitoring at a glance (which you don't really need anyway, but if you are making a lot of small batches of water, which you probably are, it's quick & easy).. then the meter for quick calibration of your monitor once and a while.


    That being said, I use a cheapy floaty one (which I've checked against a PinPoint for curiousity sake).. Stability is more important than a precise value.

    I wouldn't mind a refractometer or PinPoint though, especially as I'm starting to culture stuff, makes it way easier.
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    Re: Refractometer or a PinPoint

    my 2 cents, Its nice to have monitoring if ya want to spend the cash and it looks cool but for water changes
    are you goig to pull out the probe from your sump,naa
    Refractor meter gets my vote but like fishy I use a floater [hydrometer] and it always works. ;D

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    Re: Refractometer or a PinPoint

    I also use a floating hydrometer, I would like to try a Refractometer but can't justify the cost
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    Re: Refractometer or a PinPoint

    I always test my floating arm hydrometer using RO water. &nbsp;If the hydrometer shows s.g. at exactly 1.000 then it's supposed to be on the money. &nbsp;I haven't &nbsp;had problems so far and my hydrometer is about 5 years old. &nbsp;I also fill it with vinegar maybe once a month, and leave it overnight to clean.
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