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    Refugium Feeding?

    Should we feed anything to the refugium every now and then? and if so, what and how much?
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    I feed mine a capful of phyto every couple of days to help with the pod population. It provides food to the organisms that the baby pods eat. People usually see good pod blooms after feeding it for a week. I've had really good results as my fuge is crawling with pods and it really took off after adding phyto. But I see that your fuge is only 3 gallons so you dont need to add as much (mine is 20)

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    Yes it's good to feed a bit to the fuge sometimes.

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    I drip 2 to 4 cups of phyto in my tank daily (dilute with tank water to make 1 gallon which drips about 20 hours) and occasionally throw 4 or 5 shrimp pellets into the refuge. I like to watch the worms and small criters crawl all over the pellets.


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    cool, i didnt know about this. it's good i asked.
    So i guess phytoplankton is what most people seem to be feeding (with perhaps an occasional piece of shrimp or pellet).
    Maybe this will help them multiply faster.
    The other day i was looking in my fuge to see if i had built up a heave population yet and couldnt find anything, i thought they all died (the ones from toutouche). Then i picked up a rock, and you had to see them, by the hundreds running for cover. i guess they like the dark better. Is this a reason to perhaps shut my lights on the fuge every now and then to let them out, or would they be fine under 24/7 lighting?
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    ALthough it would seem most people have 24/7 lighthing on their refugium, moreso for the macro they have if you are looking to increase your biolife then you should have the lights on a timer.

    Pods and mysis breed only at night, if you have constant light they will have a hard time preeding to dense populations.

    As far as food goes.... Phyto is prbably the best but it depends on what you have in the refugium. pods and worms will consume the phyto but the mysis will consume the rotifers and pods. The more food you provide (Phyto) the faster the potential growth in pods and rotifers and in turn the bigger the population of mysis.

    Hope this helps.
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    I agree with REEFCREW on this one. I've been experimenting for the past year with my lighting routine. I now run refugium lights on opposite to the main tank. I have 10 hours of lights on my refugium. Macro and mangroves all still thrive but since giving 14 hours of darkness the critters have probably tripled or more....

    I've also added a small rubble pile in the refugium that the critters just swarm to, along with the live rock.

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    I have a HOB refugium, and no specifac lighting on it, although the hood is open at the back where the fuge is, so it gets light from the main lighting.

    It has been running since Dec., and the macro is growing like crazy.

    As for the pods etc., I have a veritable "bug farm" in there. Lots of pods, and tonnes of mysis shirmp.

    As for feeding, I feed Cycop Eeze every morning to the main takn, and some inevitably ends up in the fuge. I have seen some of the big pods eating it, so I assume that is good. I also DT's phyto every day, and for the last four days have been trying a "coral plankton" (more on this in a different thread soon)

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    I feed my refugium a squirt or so of whatever I'm feeding the tank each meal. In the morning I feed it phyto and some extra homemade fish food. The more you feed the more you have.

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    I feed with phyto every two days.since then there has been alot of pods in my tank. not as many in my fuge but then again I keep my lights on 24/7.


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