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    Request from Ivan

    Ivan you told that i wasnt home on the second day and you coud proove it with the tracking number. I told you that i worked at nights and i was home after 8 am. Now i want you to prove that with that tracking number i wasnt home on the second day after 8 am. If it was tried to delivered why there wasnt any notification on my mail box? I called canada post office in Barrie and Canada Post's customer service for many times but they couldnt track the packages and you know this as well because you made phone calls with them too. Now i want you to make some points clear. Was the problem my absence or CP's system? I dont want to post our emailings here but we two are the ones knowing all those very well. You know very well that i was realy very kind for the first 2 months showed patient and didnt say anything bad. Did I? As i told here before i didnt target your personality i am not telling that you are a bad person or bad business man. I was your customer i spent nearly $250 but i couldnt get anything. During this 3 1/2 months you never let me know about what was going on. Have you ever tried to do this? Can you say that you kept me informed ? You may be busy, you may be new in this business and may be learning how to handle the problems. You might have done mistakes because you are an humanbeing we all can do mistakes. But you should learn to fix your mistakes or at least you should learn to keep your customers informed when a problem occured. Telling that the problem was my absance cant solve the problem. I told you i have all the original documents showing the dates i can prove it and you know that i can. The problem was with Canada post and i was home after 8 am all day long for 3 days after the shippments.


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    ohh my... not another one... kadaytar please drop the subject.. there were issues... yes... you were working.. sure thing... but we agreed on a solution and if you have issues with that all you had to do was call me and express your concerns... threats do not go very far... and will only harm our chances at putting an end to this matter.

    I have stated I will take care of this and I will... hang in there.

    AC Members.. please do not respond... its not needed.


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    I have only been away for a week and wow. What a week

    Come on, Kadir, let's be fair. Many people here don't know the full details of the business transaction. Continuing to bad mouth someone and occupy the public forums with private matters won't make your case any more convincing.

    IJO has done more than he is obligated to do.

    Go away Kadir.

    I am not related to IJO or have any business relationship with AC. Just a happy customer.
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    Thumbs up HAVE TO

    KALA, I've seen how you responded to your COOLTOUCH LIGHTING troubles on the other board. You have no tact in dealing with people.If this is how you treat us online then please disappear. thanks.your new to this hobby and with your attitude you won't get much help with your tank troubles in the future.

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    I just got around to reading all of this. As a financial planner, I perticularly liked the part about paying interest on the $250.00. I don't know if you guys realize this or not, but at current rates, interest on $250.00 for three months is $1.88 LOL.

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    Serious! .. Get over it!! What are you expecting!.. IVAN sent the item as promised to you !.. He can not be held accountable for what Canada post does!

    -If Canada post could not track the tracking number They gave to IVAN.. thats there problem!! Ivan can no control that!
    -If Canada Post did not leave Notification.. THATS THERE Fault.. IVAN can not be held accountable!
    - Ivan posted the times they showed up at your house!.. HE CAN NOT CONTROL WHAT TIME THEY COME!

    If you have evidence that he LIED TO YOU .. and that he did not in fact Ship it.. as he stated.. Or that he did not ship it PRIORITY MAIL.. like he claims to have done!!.. THEN POST IT!! .. If you don't post your evidence.. then you don't have any!.. and you are BLOWING SMOKE!!!!! Looking to get something for free!..


    Question.. like all policy's.. its the customers responsibility to ship the live stock back to the company for inspection.. before any warranty is given.. Did you do this? did Ivan require you to ship the dead animals back at your expense!.. Because any other company would!

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    This matter has been resolved, and as such, this thread will be closed.

    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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