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    Question a few questions!

    any good experience with additives? like reef plus and reef trace or anything like that.. i think my tank need coral vitamins.. cause after water changes all corals come to life but a few days later back to being all crunched up.. also now my pom pom xenia stop pulsing.. it still is growing but stopped pulsing..

    and my lps are staying small..

    my toadstool is fully open.

    my musherooms are staying small..
    except i noticed a few more mushroom are starting to spring out of rock..

    ummm... my hermits are molting all over the place..

    my yellow polyps are fully opened and my green button polyps have been close for a week..

    water tests are as followed..

    ph 8.1-8.3
    SG 1.025
    amm 0
    nitrite 0
    nitrate 5-10ppm
    alk 11 drops.. so 220ppm.. or 11dkh
    calcium 440

    well my clown fish are growing.. and this cool looking anemone under one of my rocks is splitting.. its see threw pink with white tips.. kinda neat..

    any suggestions?


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    Your tank is fairly new, isn't it? Is this why the nitrates are a little high? What about your phosphates? Both of these will slow down/stop coral growth.

    How long have you had these corals? Just a few weeks? If so, then be patient. Like kids, they take time to grow.

    If this is just a 20 gal, you may have chemical warfare going on. Have you checked into this? Toadstools "are relatively peaceful, but adequate space should be provided between them and other corals in the reef aquarium. Some can produce toxins which are harmful to other reef inhabitants." from

    Are the corals too close together so that they are being stung by other corals?

    Just possibilities to consider


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    my corals are far apart hehe.. nothing with 5" tenticals can reach...

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    What about the chemical warfare? or phosphates? or nitrates?

    These would be diluted by water changes ("corals come to life") but would increase between water changes ("all crunched up").

    Excellent water parameters will make more of a difference than any supplement/vitamin available.


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    It's very normal for corals to open up amore than usual after a waterchange. It's like a breathe of fresh air to them.
    From what you've mentioned, why do you say they need vitamins? Your tank is still settling in, even though you've already got a lot in there ( more than I would have at the stage it's at...) and still has a lot of maturing and adjusting to do. My opinion, is to just let things be and you have to learn to stop playing with the tank all the time. Just let everything settle in completely on their own.

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    I used to move things around all the time... but after I seen those pics of a frag and then the same frag 12 months later Toutouche posted.... I have now stoped and have notice a huge improvement.


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    okies... will just sit back and watch...

    let it mature..

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