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    Expected corraline colors

    Just last night I noticed that i have some deep red corraline spreading growing in a few spots in my tank and what also seems like a green corraline... I know this is common under MH lighting but what about under VHO ? I am currently running 220w of VHO lighting although the rock was at one point under 400w MH before it was purchased from a previous owner. I was under the impression that I would only see purple growth with my type of lighting.
    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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    Hello Nbreau

    I`m going under the same condition.....I have a VHO 2x65 over a 30 gl and the green corraline is groing like mad. But the deep red coraline is slower_.
    Were is that green one come from anyway?
    I`ve notice that my snail shell got bigger also.
    But for the estetic, I prefere the purple.....grrrrrrnnnnn!

    30 gl SWFO but upgrating

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    Actually, there are countless different colors of coralline and each grows in different light conditions. Many of them actually like lower intensity of light so it's not as uncommon as you think.

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