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    yellow tang problem

    Help guys, I'm kind of in a bind. I was given 2 small hawian tangs, but the problem is 2. I'm going to be putting them in a 180g well established tank. But of course I don't really want to add only 2. I will get another tang but it won't be for a couple of weeks. What do I do? Can I add them together for now? None of the local pet stores will take them for me. I know the answer but am hoping someone has some experience with this. I have in my tank: 1 regal tang, sailfin tang, sleeper goby, 2 damsels and 4 green cromis, and 1 small percula clown.

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    I have introduced tangs in and out of my tanks for years. What I find is that Tangs are very territorial and especially abuse and harrass tangs of similar size and shape. My tank is set up with alot of small caves and spaces that fish can hide and call their own. It's always hit and miss with tangs and introducing them to each other. I keep all the fish well fed when newly placed in the tank, and if there are many caves and hiding places, I seem to have better luck. If the tank is a wide open tank, with few spaces they can claim as their own, the fight will be on.

    From the list of tangs you have provided, the sailfin might be your ownly problem. The two hawaiians together will probably also go at each other. Should you add a yellow tang...then lookout. This has just been from my experience. Of course size of tank is a problem here but if you are going to a 180, you will be at your max for tangs. Hope this helps... if it was me, I would be setting up a small 20-30 gallon QT tank with a divider, adn try to seel the fish. If you like the new tangs and really want one, try introducing one and selling the other.

    Good Luck
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