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Thread: brain coral

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    brain coral

    any idea what happen to my brain coral, yesterday i gave so shopped shrimp for them to eat. They were so gib yesterday and today, there are not even big, they are really skinny, it looks like the we see their "bone"

    do you think there are sick??
    I checked all the parameters and everything is fine, all there other corals are doing fine (hammer, mushroom and green polyps, and candy cane)

    That is soo weird

    Forgot to mentionned, I forgot to turn on the white ligh until 1 Pm before that it was only the actinic bulb

    What is the problem???

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    some mistake in there, gib = big

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    How long have you had it? What color is it and do you know what type it is? Different types behave different and have different needs. Did you actually see if it swallowed the whole piece of food? Are you sure it didn't spit it back up afterwards as they often do this. What type of shrimp did you give it? I hope it was a fresh raw piece.
    Usually they will stay closed for awhile when they poop and if they are not happy, they stay closed for an extended amount of time. Tell us what you can about it such as a description, how long you have it, where it is placed, etc.....

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