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Thread: coral beauty

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    coral beauty

    anyone have one in there reef tank. i understand they are not reef safe ?

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    Some are fine; some are not. REports are that it is hit and miss which you get. Some people suggest that providing lots of food may reduce the risk.

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    I kept one without any problems but lost her to the hurricane. I have a friend who's had one in her reef for well over 2 years without any problems. Still hit or miss but I suspect getting a small one and keeping it well fed is the trick.

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    My coral beauty ( I think I am the friend Flame Angel is referring to) loves to pick at stuff- but rarely bothers the corals. If you let diatoms grow on the back glass, that will keep them happy. She loves diatoms! And they are very active and love to cruise at high speed thru very small openings so a nice open rock work will please them too. She is mildly bossy - and rules the reef- but has only threatened and never harmed a thing. THat's her in my avatar. THey are also much hardier than the flame angels with a higher survival rate.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    My coral beauty is good except it constantly picked at my featherduster until I had to remove it (the featherduster - the angel is too nice to remove).

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