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    loss of 2 angels

    lost a flame and a lamark yesterday. Checked all water parameters, the only thing out of whack was the ph level. It was way down at 7.2-7.4. Could that have killed them? also don't know why the levels got so low. I only use R.O. water.

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    The only thing that I can see, is that your tank may be a little crowded. In a 60 gallon, the recommended stocking level is about 12 inches of fish. Not knowing how big your fish are, I can't say. This article explains the why's in more detail

    As the carbon dioxide increases, the pH goes down. This is why we drip kalk at night. The carbon dioxide increases (due to algae expiring carbon dioxide when there is no light) which drives the pH down. The kalk water has a high pH and to prevent this swing, we drip at night to keep the pH constant. To apply this to your tank, if the carbon dioxide is high (which means less oxygen for the fish) then you pH would be low.

    You would need to look at why the carbon dioxide is high. It could be overstocking. It could be the skimmer is not oxygenating the water enough. It could be that you need more surface flow to promote the gas exchange. It could be that your house is air tight, resulting in a higher level of carbon dioxide during the winter when the windows are closed.

    If you could post all your readings, then we may see something else that could be the cause.


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    You likely don't know how quickly the PH dropped? If it is normally at 8.2 a drop to 7.2 is a BIG CHANGE if in a short time frame. If this did in fact happen quickly it could be responsible for you lose.
    On the PH scale each full increasing or decreasing number over or under 7 is 10 times less or more alkyd or acid then the previous number. Example ... 7 is considered neutral, 8 is 10 times more alkyd then 7 and 6 is 10 times more acid then 7.
    However more importantly is what happens to ammonia values when PH moves around. As PH falls ammonia is converted to less toxic ammonium compounds. The reverse is also true. When PH returns to normal or rises those ammonium compounds are converted back into deadly ammonia.
    So if your PH is bouncing around at night it is likely that ammonia levels are as will and that combined with the changing PH, and oxygen content drop that changed the PH could harm / kill your fish.

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    Some species of angels are hardier but most of them require excellent quality. As far as the flame, it requires excellent quality. I have not found the information for the lamark.

    Do you consider that you have a lot of water movement? Low movement can create an accumulation of carbon dioxide will affect PH. A reef can produce PH swing between day and night if you have a high photosynthesis rate. The swing would be like 7.9 to 8.4.

    It's known that close system tend to increase organic acids and phosphate. This would create a slow decline of PH.

    Alkalinity of a solution refers to its capacity to buffer against drops in Ph. Once the alkalinity is exhausted, the PH can drop rapidly. What are you using to maintain Alkalinity?

    Improperly administered Kalkwasser can cause an increase of PH follow by quick drop because of the precipitation of calcium carbonate. You also need to watch for bottle bottom or precipitation on the Kallkwasser reservoir.

    Hope it will help!

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