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    pink tip anemone

    Hi All,

    I noticed a large pink tip anemone at the LFS for 15$ that is currently in a tank with no lighting and was thinking of picking it up hoping to give it a better home (been there over a week)

    my questions are:

    1 - will it do well/ok in my 220w VHO lighting tank

    2 - if something happens to it am I in any risk of endangering the rest of my tank ? What are the odds it will sting my other corals ?

    3 - It didn't have much pink left in the tips... I'm assuming this will come back if my lighting is sufficient ?

    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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    I've bought a "pink tip anemone" cheap - $10. Turns out it has no pink tips at all, rather more like bright green. feed it a bit of shrimp 2x per week and it has grown beautifully. Have it under 2x 55W actinics and 175 6500K MH. No problems at all with it or fish.


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    your sure for that price that it's not a condy??

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    CONDY for sure!

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    It is probably a Condylactis Gigantea, commonly known as a Flordia Pink-tip anemone. These are very commonly collected (that's why it is inexpensive), and are very hardy as far as anemones go (same genus as a BTA). It will do fine under your lights.

    However, it is not a natural clownfish host anemone to any species of clownfish. Clownfish may host it in, but it will be hit or miss. I suggest your best odds will be with some of the more "slutty" of the clownfish species (ones that will take to almost anything) such as Clark's, Tomatoes, or Skunks.

    It doesn't have as severe a sting as carpet anemones, but it is more potent than some of the weaker stings from say a BTA. You willl need to give it room from corals, but it probably won't take out any of your fish or shrimp.

    If he dies, it will depend on how big your tank is, vs. how big the anemone is. And, you would have to leave him in there to decompose to do the real damage. If he dies, you will know it, and you should remove it.

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