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    Tank Pictures (Dialup beware!)

    Sorry for the reflections in some of them.

    Full tank.

    Riterri Anemone

    Rose BTA closed up

    Mated clowns being curious of camera

    Zoo frag I'm growing out.

    Clown in riterri

    Ric and shroom

    Cool polyps...had a rough time in shipping, just starting to come around.

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    WOW :biglaugh2

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    how many G's?
    Do or do not. There is no "try" - Jedi Master Yoda

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    nice work dude,
    i like the bay that you scaped. what are you running on it? filtration, sump?fuge? ?????

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    Nice job with lots of height. How many pounds of rock you got in there?

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    Cake fan: Thanks!

    Conan: 112 gallons 60x18x24

    aquamann: The filtration is a sump setup. Overflows through a tidepool SOS overflow into a Lifereef CLF-1 sump, where it goes through a Lifereef SVS-24 skimmer, then through filter media, then pumped back via a magdrive pump which is T'd off when it reaches the tank and the returns go to each corner. Only other filtration is the 4-5" DSB, and the live rock.

    One Salty Dog: Thanks, there's approximately 150lbs of LR in it. Mainly walt smith premium fiji...couple different kinds in small amounts.
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    Very, very nice! Love the aquascaping. The rock pieces are all large and it really looks good. That riterri is beautiful!

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    I recognize the last pic. No pics of the green zoos?
    Nice Ric.

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    The green zoo's are being difficult today and didn't want to open up for the photo session.
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    Couple more shots

    Figured I'd toss out a couple more...mainly some shots "under the hood" so to speak. Enjoy!

    Red mushrooms (atlantic/aquamann, these are the shrooms you'de be getting)

    Overflow, and return lines. When the return reaches the canopy, you can see where it splits off in both directions.

    Other return..

    Sump, skimmer, return pump.

    That's all for now! I promise!!

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