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    building a rock wall around it!

    one of my anemone's is getting sooo huge that it literally touches both sides of the tank (24" wide) I sit across from it on my computer a lot and so the fish always hang out by it to beg food off me, so I decided to build a rock wall a foot high to contain it away from the front of the glass. It seems to be working! take a look

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    Wow it's huge!! Beautifl angle is it a queen, there and the clown is awesome...what type is the clown.

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    Good idea. It's amazing how much anemones can expand. Your fish probably appreciate the bit of extra free swimming space too. You have some beautiful fish in this photo. Is the small angel on the right a juvenile king?

    My fish can see me at my desk too. As soon as it's within an hour of a mealtime they all hang out the end nearest me and beg.

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