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    overfeeding corals ?

    Is it possible to overfeed corals ? So far i've fed my brain twice in last 4 days and he seemed to open up the mouths and swallow the shrimp no problem... I'm wondering if it would be ok to feed him daily or is threre an optimal feeding schedule I should follow ?
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    I've always fed all my corals and am convinced that it is not just beneficial but important for them to thrive. I've noticed that if a coral doesn't want to eat for any reason it will just reject the food. Newly purchased corals always seem to eat a LOT after they've settled in and then their appetite seems to slow down a bit. I suspect they are just hungry after shipping and/or not being fed at a fish store.

    I used to have a brain and found that if he opens his mouth and takes the food then he wanted it. If you try to feed him when he isn't hungry he just won't take it or else he will but will spit it out again and something else eats it.

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