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    how long can I store saltwater ?

    i'm thinking of doing big batches of this stuff.. to have it handy when I do my water change.
    can i keep it for 1 month ? with just a heater and powerhead to oxygenate it ?

    could i do the same with my fresh water ?

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    Liv, I usually mix up a batch of 40-50 gallons at a time and simply put a bigger powerhead at the bottom of the container pointing up, fill the container up with RO/DI water, and gradually add a bit of salt until the desired S.G. is reached. I do not heat the water until a couple days before I plan to do a water change. If you keep the water in a dark and cool space..i.e the basement it will keep for a good month. You could cover it I guess if you are worried about evaporation, but make sure to oxygenate it a day or so before using it for a water change.

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    Premixed ARTIFICIAL salt water can be stored for several months if stored in dark glass containers that are sealed. When you need to use it you open, pore, heat, aerate and use.

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