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    Now everything makes sense

    Iíve had 6 powerheads, and 3 Mag pumps fail on me since I began my reef tank 14 months ago.

    I have struggled hard for the last year to maintain my alk levels around 3.5 meq/l ( 9.8 dkh) using Hagen test kits. I added tons of buffer and kalkwasser but still, my calcium and alk levels had a tendency to read low.

    For the last month, growing tired of adding so much buffer, I reduced the amount I was adding. I let my alk levels drop to 2.6 meq/l ( 7.28) and began having doubts about my test kit readings.

    Yesterday, I received my Salifert alk test kit.

    Alk according to Salifert was 3.89 meq/l ( 10.89 dkh)
    Alk according to Hagen was 2.2 meq/l ( 6.16 dkh)

    Just imagine how high my alk was when I painstakenly succeeded for brief periods of time having a 4.0meq/l reading on my Hagen test kit. Probably around 7.07 meq/l ( 19.80) on the Salifert test kit.

    No wonder I had so many pump failures. My Salifert calcium test kit is arriving níext week. I can hardly wait for the results. It will be no surprise.

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    jeez man,
    hagen should be ashamed. ive heard alot of bad stuff about their kits

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    Good test kits are vital I think! And keeping your probes calibrated too! If they are off- look out! I know the Hagen calcium test kit can be way off too. I tested a reference sample which was 450 and Hagen read it about 380 I think. Yikes.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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