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    Bleaching Millepora

    My millepora is starting to show signs of bleaching at it's lower extremities. This started when my galaxy coral extended it's sweepers and was stinging the millepora. I moved the galaxy away so it would stop, and there didn't seem to be any further damage. That was about a month ago. All of a sudden, there are signs of bleaching showing up where the stinging occurred. Any thoughts on this? How far will this bleaching go?

    When I moved the galaxy, I made sure it was a fair distance away from anything. But it has extended it's sweepers even further. This guy is about 4 - 5 inches across and can extend it's sweepers a good 8 - 9 inches past the limits of it's body. I has now made a victim of one of my hammers, killing four heads on that. I have moved it again. I can't put it much further away from other corals without getting rid of it. (But my wife likes it.)

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    If it was me I'd get some Seachem Reefdip Coral Disinfectant. I've used this stuff recently with an RTN scare. I would just use a q-tip and "paint" a bit on the affected area. If that doesn't stop the recession give it a 5 minute dip. A full dip is stressful and you don't want to do it if you don't have to but if the bleaching (or recession) is spreading this should stop it.

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    Re: Bleaching Millepora

    Originally posted by percula99
    I can't put it much further away from other corals without getting rid of it. (But my wife likes it.)
    Well as far as it not hurting anything else in the future and not being able to get rid of it because your wife likes it.........get your wife her own tank

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    What are your water parameters like? How's the flow in your tank? When's the last time you've done a water change?
    The RTNing on corals is similar to Ick on fish. What I mean is that there is always the possibility of it happening, but it usually only breaks out on a coral when it is stressed and weakened. The Galaxy most probably weakened it by stinging it and from there it was a snowball effect. From experience with these things happening ( and from friends going through this), the best thing to do is to break off the damaged area a bit into the healthy tissue. Make sure your water is top shape, do a waterchange and make sure your tank has good flow. You can NEVER have too much flow. Keep a good watch on the coral, and the tank as a whole.

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