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    Keeping Green Star Polyps

    Hey all u reefers,
    I want to put a croping of Green Star Polyps in my tank. I am running 2 20 watt PowerGlo's nad a 20 watt MarineGlo these bulbs are 2 inches from the surface of the water and the Star's will be place 2 inches from the top of the water. Will this be enoguh light. Also do i need to feed these fish anything.

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    Yes, it will be enough light. I'm not sure what you mean by fish, though. Green Star Polyp is a coral, not a fish. You do not need to target feed them. I suggest making sure that the colony of GSP does not touch your main rock work, though. Once it's spread onto your main rock, it will eventually cover everything and can overgrow other corals.
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    Definitely listen to Malhavoc,
    While these guys are nice to have in your tank, they have to be controlled. Keep them on a seperate piece of rock and make sure there is sand all around for them not to spread to the main rockwork. Don't directly feed them anything as they grow easily all on their own.

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