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    Corals dying.. need help !

    ok, my tank has been up for 8 months and my hammer and finger leather are slowly detiriorating and i have NO idea why... other than that i have 3 fish and a toadstool that are doing excellent... my brain has some very good and some bad days.

    tank specs are:

    calcium - 420
    Alk - 7.8
    Salt - 1.027
    nitrate - 0
    PH - 8

    I have no idea what else to check or what I could be doing wrong ! please help I have no clue what the problem could be !

    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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    What kind of lighting do you have running, and how old are they? Have you tried giving them a coral dip? They could be carring parisites. How long have they bin in the tank?

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    Firstoff, You haven't said how long you've had these.
    Finger Leathers are REALLY hard to kill. Either it was sick when you bought it, but it wouldn't have lasted this long or htere is something else wrong with your water chemistry.
    Secondly, hammers are easier to kill and are one of the more sensitive of LPS. Can you describe what's happening to it? Is the fleshy tissue turning to a kind of brown jellyish looking stuff?
    If you're Brain was also happy, everyday would be a "good" day for it. The fact that it goes up & down is indicative of it being a possible problem too.

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    A disintegrating leather coral may explain why your hammer coral is not doing so well. Many LPS corals are quite sensitive to allelopathy (chemical warfare), and leather corals are one of the more noxious corals to keep. The fact that it's breaking apart in your tank and dumping all sorts of stuff into your water may explain why the hammer is doing poorly.

    If there's no chance to save the leather coral, get rid of it, then do a few water changes and run some carbon for a while. You may see an improvement in your hammer coral.
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