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    Liverock aquaspace

    Hi everyone !!

    I have read in the «Natural invertebrate marine aquarium series: Reef Invertebrates» by Calfo and Fenner that it was important to not put liverock against a wall of the tank. They recommend to leaves a space of 4 inch between the wall and the live rock. They also recommend to not use the centered seamount. According to them, this is better like that because you don't restrict strong water flow and its better for circulation. I can imagine why they are saying that this... But I have a 50 gallons tank with 60 pound of live rocks. My tank is fifteen inch large and if you let a space 4 inch at the back and at the front, you have only seven inch left to build a nice rockspace that is not the centered seamount That is just impossible to do something nice!!

    So do I have to much live rock or should I not follow these advices ? Thank everybody for your help !!!

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    I have 130 pounds in a 90 and have had my rock against the back for years. At the sides it's close in spots too. It's not ideal but it's all I could to to use that much rock and have the look I wanted. I may in the near future move the rock work and place a lot of rock in my sump and refugium. Just haven't decided yet.
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    I wouldn't take that too literally. I don't like the idea of putting l.r. against the back wall for several reasons and flow being the top factor.

    What I'd do if just make sure you have some breathing room in the back, place the l.r. slightly back from the center, giving you some room in the front to put stuff on the sand and room in the back for flow and swimming room.

    This is speculation here but I think what they probably intended was to take a formula and apply it to your tank.

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    leave more in front than back. when you get built high enough you can wedge some peices along the top-back. creates a shady spot and leaves room for circ.

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    Zeke, they recommend a space between the live rock and glass so water will circulate freely. This will prevent any dead spaces and build up of nitrates in the back of your tank. Put a power head behind your rock wall blasting the length of the tank, and you can releive that situation, and afford yourself the luxury of moving the rocks further back, giving yourself more room for a nice diaplay.

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