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Thread: a tragedy

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    Unhappy a tragedy

    Lost my angels including my french "Sven" whom I've had since he was the size of a quarter, purple tang, and spork my puffer.
    Hubby and I spend a lot of time down south during our winters here. My daughter (23 yrs old) looks after everything here...which is alot. We have 4 horses, 4 cats, 4 dogs, 2 parrots, 6 tanks (large) and over 50 tropical plants. This particular tank (the new bowfront) which had just gone through 6 weeks of hypo a month prior showed signs of some parasite. She treated it with greenex (only a few mushrooms in there) hopeing this would help, but to no avail. She then removed the 200 pounds of rock to catch them all and set up a quarantine tank...well two QT and put the large lion in one and the others in the other. She started treating them with copper and they of course started responding well. You've got to keep in mind that this kid is also right in the middle of final exams at university and had alot on her mind as well as alot to do. She was doing a 75% waterchange everyday when the last night she forgot to plug back in the powerhead.They of course all perished within a short time. She was sooo upset with herself, blaming herself for being so stupid...which of course isn't the case at all. I felt worse for her then the fish, but I do feel really bad in losing them as well. I realize that choices have to be made when a person has this type of hobby. If I were to stay here all the time and never go anywhere then pobably everything would be okay...but I can't live my life totally for these things and I still feel she is one of the best house sitters a person can have. So there it is. I'm going to leave it fallow for several months at least and then start again. Oh the good thing is that the lionfish "Sparticus" made it!

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    sorry to hear that lynn,
    best of luck

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    So sorry to hear about this. The mistake with the powerhead could have happened to anyone. I can imagine how bad your daughter must feel though. It really sounds like she did everything she could to help your tank. Especially the big water changes every day during her exams! It's tragic, as you said, but she's not to blame. Neither are you, you're right that you can't spend every minute with your critters and this could have happened even if you were there.

    Glad to hear Sparticus made it! I've been researching lionfish recently and have heard that they are quite hardy.

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    sorry to hear !!!

    Hello Lynn,
    Sorry to hear you're loss ! Obviously you folks are animal lovers and to loose such great fish is disheartening. Take one step at a time and slowly rebuild what you lost. That's the only way I found to bounce back from such a loss.
    reef expert (Bernie)

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    Unhappy LYNN

    That does truly really really suck. I don't know how you even have the time for all that even when your home. I understand about the leaving home for holidays thing its hard. I feel you might be just a tad overextended in the pets department. I find tanks even more demanding as you really have to know what to look for when problems arrise and what course of action.When I leave for holidays I will either hire a pro to stop in weekly or another reefer to whom I trust there knowledge. Its tuff for sure.

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    That's very unfortunate Lynn. I can only guess how bad your Daughter must feel. However these things do happen and it's no one fault .. it just happens. Try to take it in stride and look forward to perhaps a few different fish when your really to go at it again.

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    man that sucks....sorry to hear that....

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    Hi Lynn,

    Not too long ago I had 4 horses, 3 dogs, 5 chickens, etc...I know how much work is involved, it's plenty...then you mention your daughter's also in the middle of exams. As far as I'm concerned, she should be given a medal...she somehow manages to set up two QT tanks, large daily water changes, copper treatments, while managing 5 other tanks and everything else. If she ever runs for Prime Minister she gets my vote.

    Sorry about the losses, it happens to everyone for many differing reasons, but few stories I've heard are such good examples of responsibility and determination...unfortunately accidents can always happen (and do).

    Good luck on the rebuild of that tank.
    Keep passing the open windows!

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    Tell her she can sit my tank anytime,she done a remarkable job, this was just an accident and that can happen to anyone

    Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple

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    sorry to hear about that..

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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